OA Hijinx Awards Dinner 12/27/17

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Following dinner several Troops including Troop 46 were recognized for earning the OA Unit of Excellence award.

Court of Honor 12/14/17

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Annual Troop 46 Holiday Dinner followed by the Court of Honor where Scouts and Leaders were recognized for their achievements during 2017 and Rank Advancement Cards, Merit Badge Cards, and Years of Service cards were handed out.

Winter Cabin Camping 12/8/17

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Our annual Cabin camping trip was held this year again at Camp Potomac in Oldtown, Maryland. We were here in December of 2013, December 2015 and December 2016. Our attendance was so good again that we filled all three cabins.  

The Dragon and Minotaur patrols headed off to the small cabin, the Gray Wolf and Phoenix patrols stayed in the large cabin with a few leaders, and most of the leaders slept in the dining hall. 

After breakfast Pack 46 (4 Webelos and 2 Leaders) and Pack 10 (6 Scouts and 3 Leaders) arrived to join us. We worked on some advancement requirements throughout the day and took a nature hike around the camp. The older Scouts did a good job of teaching the visiting Webelos Scouts fire building, lashing, and knots. The temperature was in the low 30's during the day and the mid 20's during the evening. Our Saturday evening feast consisted of turkey, ham, stuffing, green beans, corn, apple sauce and pie.  In the  morning we woke to a few snow flurries. Following clean-up of the cabins and the dining hall and a short devotional service on Sunday we headed back to Stephenson, Virginia.

Eagle Ceremony 12/1/17

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Congratulations to one Scout from Troop 46 for attaining his Eagle rank!

Service Project 11/12/17

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Following the Scouting for Food donation bag drop-off, the Scouts and leaders broke into two groups.

We were not able to rake leaves out of the Red Bud Cemetery due to recent heavy rain. We concentrated out efforts on Milburn Cemetery. The Scouts raked the mowed grass clippings from the walking path beside the cemetery and picked up downed branches from in front of the cemetery wall and inside the cemetery walls. The Leaders and adults concentrated on knocking down the grass and weeds inside the cemetery walls with weed-eaters.

Scout Parent Karl Littman of Candy Hill Campground generously offered up three weed-eaters and the services of a couple of his campground employees. Thanks to a lot of hard work the cemetery continues to keep a maintained appearance.

Scouting for Food 11/11/17

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This is the second day of a two-part service project to benefit local area food banks.  Scouting for Food is the largest door-to-door food collection effort in the Shenandoah Valley and benefits many assistance agencies across the Frederick County.  This food drive benefits thousands of needy children & adults in our own community. 

This year Troop 46 and Pack 46 donated 860 pounds of food collected in Virginia to the Welltown United Methodist Church Food Pantry.  Troop 46 also donated 500 pounds of food collected in West Virginia to Community Cupboard Food Pantry. The Troop’s primary collection area includes Stephenson Road, Jordan Springs Road, and Opequon Estates subdivision in Virginia; and Musselman Square, Elizabeth Station, Sylvan Grove, and True Apple Way (& side streets) subdivisions in West Virginia. The Pack’s primary collection area includes Snowden Bridge subdivision in Virginia. 

Thanks for everyone’s help! Thanks to the parents that helped.

Camping 11/11/17

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We arrived about 12:00 PM at campsite in Spring Mills, WV. We had pizza supplied by the troop. We setup camp including tents and chuck boxes. We worked on some clean up requirements for the younger scouts. We also retired a flag for Veteran's Day after dinner. Sunday morning we had breakfast and broke camp to home about 10:00 AM. Weather was cold with the highs on Saturday in the upper 30's and the low was about 28 degrees

Backpacking Appalachian Trail 10/21/17

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Backpacked the Appalachian Trail in Shenandoah National Part (AT Map 10).

Saturday - 7.2 miles heading south using map and compass to the Rock Spring Hut campsite.  Sunday - 3.1 miles from the Big Meadows Campground.

In two days we hiked 10.3 miles ranging in elevation from 2,900 feet to 3,837 feet (Stony Man Mountain - the highest elevation in the Shenandoah National Park). The two days of backpacking with many new Scouts offered a few challenges, but everyone managed well.

Saturday’s hike was a  bit ambitious and probably should have been shortened for the newer Scouts by starting them at the Stony Man Parking Area 1.6 miles further south. It was wonderful to see some of the Scouts who struggled on previous year’s hikes march right along and even be out in front this year.

Eagle Project Day 4 10/1/17

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This was day 4 of the Eagle project benefiting Emmanuel United Methodist Church with a new sidewalk for the parsonage.

Once participants arrived, Dirt was taken from a pile excavated from the first work day. Large rocks and debris were removed from the dirt. The dirt was also smoothed out in order to make the ground around the sidewalk conform to the topography of the surrounding area of the yard.

Eagle Project Day 3 9/28/17

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This was day 3 of the Eagle project benefiting Emmanuel United Methodist Church with a new sidewalk for the parsonage.

A bit of time was spent unscrewing the wooden forms from the new concrete sidewalk.

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