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Canoe Trip 6/10/17

posted Aug 19, 2018, 2:03 PM by Calendar BSATroop46Va
Troop 46 Annual Canoe Trip started off by putting in at Cumberland Md. on the C&O canal at mile 184 (new boat landing @ ball fields) and float ~10 miles down river to Spring Gap, MD. camping area at C&O Canal mile marker 173.3. Float Sunday from Spring Gap to the low water bridge in Oldtown, MD. at C&O Canal mile marker 166.5.  Float roughly 7 miles. Total 17 miles . Found a nice sloosh area for the guys to do a little body floating each day. We also engaged in a Scout vs. Adult water battle. Despite being outnumbered the Adults held there own. The Troop spent the night at the C&O Canal Spring Gap campsite. Daytime temperatures in the high 80's. Sunny on Saturday and sunny on Sunday. Nobody caught a fish during the float. Water conditions were slightly low for the trip.