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Fort Frederick, MD Re-enactment

posted Sep 1, 2016, 2:01 PM by Calendar BSATroop46Va

When we arrived, we grabbed our day packs and headed out to the fort.  We arrived just in time for colors then we received a brief history of the fort. 

Inside the barracks, we talked to the re-enactors about how life was at that time. Afterwards, we left to see the nature center and the blacksmith's shop. The nature center was filled with guess boxes that you were supposed to put your hand in and guess what was inside. The lid was liftable, so you could see what it was. 

Later, we walked back to our campsite to set up tents and eat lunch. After lunch, we went back to see the reenactment of the French and Indian war. We saw how the French were lined up, and then you saw the Indians scattered behind trees, some with rifles, and some with bow and arrows. It was a great reenactment. 

We finally came back to our campsite to make our dinner. The Gray Wolf patrol and Phoenix patrol learned how to find our way without a compass. We found the North Star.  The next morning, we made breakfast differently than we would have normally done it.  We cooked in partners using mess kits, not patrols with chuck boxes this time.  It actually worked out very well. Our Scoutmaster said we were going to be doing that once or twice a year. Finally, we packed up and headed home.