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New Scout Adventure 4/7/17

posted Aug 19, 2018, 1:54 PM by Calendar BSATroop46Va
New Scouts of the Phoenix Patrol worked on Tenderfoot requirements while older Scouts participate in other activities. After arriving at Camp Rock Enon Friday evening we began to set camp up on the Athletic Field with the older Scouts instructing the new Scouts on setting up their tents. After a "Cracker barrel"  at the dining hall everyone returned to the campsite to bed down.  Friday evening  was in the upper 30’s and windy. Saturday started out with breakfast with the Troop Guide and Instructors working with the Phoenix Patrol on cooking and cleaning up as a Patrol. During the morning and afternoon the new Phoenix Patrol Scouts and a couple of leaders worked on rank requirements and older Scouts had free time to climb and rappel, shoot .22 calibre rifles, shoot bows and arrows and   work on selected merit badges. After Patrol dinners and clean-up, the remainder of the evening was spent around the fire. Saturday was sunny starting off in the upper 30’s and getting into the low 60’s.
Sunday morning was in the upper 30’s with a light frost. Sunday morning was breakfast, clean-up, striking camp, a devotional service, and back to Stephenson. This was a great first camping weekend for the new Scouts and a chance for the older Scouts to teach Scout skills and have some fun.
Attending the camping trip were 30 Scouts and 5 Leaders with one leader coming up for Saturday.